About Defyned Brands

Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge, products, and support to reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Delivering Outstanding Results Since 2009

At Defyned Brands, we believe that progress is rooted in passion, hard work, and a positive attitude. This is what has driven our business since the beginning, when we were just a single 5 Star Nutrition store in Texas trying to help our community reach their health and wellness goals. We believe healthy goal seekers deserve more than empty promises, short-lived gains, and the frustration that comes from knowing that a healthier, better life is possible, but not having the knowledge and support to find the path to that destination.

We developed our own brands of nutritional supplements designed to meet the specific needs of different health and wellness goal seekers while, at the same time, allowing for the flexibility that people need to mix and match their way to their objective—whether it’s getting a healthier night’s sleep or becoming stronger than before.

We know the health and wellness path can be long and winding, but we aim to be the dynamic, multi-brand health and wellness partner that can move entire communities toward a better, healthier life.

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Embrace the Challenge

We don’t let obstacles stay in our way for long. Our team thrives on facing new challenges and, with perseverance and determination, finds creative and innovative ways to overcome adversity

Advance the Mission

We drive relentlessly in service of our mission to empower people to reach their fitness and wellness goals. We’re committed to a culture of showing up and putting in the work so our customers can be equipped with the knowledge, products, and support needed to thrive.

Compete to Win

We set a high personal and professional bar, believe nothing is impossible, and commit ourselves fully to the goal to drive results.

Seek Growth

We never settle because we believe there’s always an opportunity to do better. Autonomy and acting with intention are how we succeed and grow, whether by bringing new ideas, innovation, or diverse experience to the collective table.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Marver

Co-Founder, Executive

Drew Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Cody Stephens

Co-Founder, President 5 Star

Bethany Hermes

People Operations, PHR

Cassandra Stoklosa

Chief Marketing Officer

Charlie Hartwig

Co-Founder, Innovation

Garad Soderman

Chief Finance/Operations Officer

Matt Miller

Chief Technology Officer